Should You Get A Surface Pro Or An iPad Pro?

New “pro” tablets from Microsoft and Apple want to replace your laptop — here are the pros and cons of each.

This is a very simple process.

If you pray to the Apple god, stop reading, you have your answer and no reason or logic will change that.

If you have an open mind then continue.

Can you presently do everything you need to do on your phone?  If yes buy then least expensive iPad you can, they all work great.  Get one 2 gens back.

Do you ever have need for a mouse?  Surface Pro is you your only option.

Do you ever need to use a real program and not just the app version?  (Photoshop, Quickbooks, Word)  Surface Pro only option

Do you need a trackpad?  Surface Pro only option

Is value a concern for you?  Surface Pro only option

Do you want just one device?   Surface Pro only option

The Surface Pro since the 3 version hasn’t changed much and is workhorse in the i7 configuration.  You can find them under $700 with keyboard and pen.  That same setup with the latest version is nearly $2000. 

The truth is the iPad Pro is not a laptop and will never be until it merges with OSX desktop and that’s still a ways off.  It is the best pure tablet bare none.  But NOT A LAPTOP!

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