You can stop waiting for Andromeda, Google’s mash-up of Chrome OS, Android

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Why it matters to you

If you’ve been pining for Andromeda, Google’s mashup
of Chrome OS and Android, then you can stop waiting. It’s reportedly been

If you’ve been chomping at the bit for a new notebook
that combines the benefits of Google’s Chrome OS and Android into a unified
operating system, then chances are your hopes were pinned on a project
code-named Andromeda.
Unfortunately, it appear your waiting has been in vain.

Andromeda has been rumored for a while now to be
Google’s effort to create a unified OS that would compete with Microsoft’s
Windows 10 — which already runs on numerous device types — and Apple’s continued
efforts to make MacOS more like iOS. According to an editor at 9to5Google,
however, Andromeda has been canceled.

picked up the rumor via Stephen Hall’s twitter account:

Google was apparently hard at work on not only
Andromeda, but also hardware to run the new OS. Tablets and the notebook
code-named “Bison” were two possibilities, and apparently those are making their
way into the dustbin as well.

All isn’t lost, however, as Google does appear to be
replacing Andromeda with another project, code-named
Unlike Andromeda, which was a sort of fusion of Chrome OS
and Android, Fuchsia is looking more like a brand-new OS that Google is building
from scratch. It’s also highly experimental and so probably isn’t going to be
released anytime soon. When it does arrive, it will likely look a lot like
Windows 10, powering a host of devices from smartphones to tablet to

In the meantime, Chrome OS still awaits the
widespread release of Android apps on a number of Chromebooks, providing
something of a stopgap measure. Google might not be in too much of a hurry to
release something new, given that Chromebook is so successful that it’s pushed
Microsoft to release Windows 10 S, which is aimed at more competitive,
lower-cost, and easier to manage machines. But if you really wanted a Chrome OS
and Android mashup, it looks like you’re going to be

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