Microsoft Announces Story Remix, A Spiritual Successor to Movie Maker

The Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 is expected to arrive sometime in September. However, the entire planned redesign won’t launch with the Fall update, only major portions of it. The Groove Music app, which appeared in the Neon leak, already features this new design.

As ChromeOS devices start to nip at the heels of Windows products – and become increasingly close to Android (users likely use Google’s suite of products on both) – this could be a way for Microsoft to increase adoption of its mobile apps, and ensure Windows 10 stays relevant. Honestly, everybody wants to eat Pushbullet’s lunch these days. Microsoft first introduced the concept in Windows 8.1, where you could have access to files offline. Conversely, Xamarin.ios for Mac will enable Mac users to create, debug, and test their android apps without requiring an Android based machine.

In short, it works as a more intelligent version of the web history feature, but across your whole device – enabling users to look back and jump into things they were working on previously.

Using the keynote on the second day of its Build developer conference, the firm revealed several of the headline features coming with the update in the autumn, as well as touching on its plans in the world of mixed reality and its HoloLens headset.

A seemingly simple task that’s been hard to do on multiple devices is copy and paste. It’s not clear if these were just mockups or a glimpse of what Microsoft has in the pipeline for the Outlook Mobile app. In addition to the above, the latest Windows 10 Insider Build will include a power throttling update and several bug fixes from the previous release.

Microsoft says only some Fluent elements will be found in the Windows 10 Creators Update, as the system was (and perhaps is) still being developed.

Story Remix brings your memories, or even your friends’ photos and videos together to create stories with a soundtrack, theme and cinematic transitions”, Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Windows and Devices Group, wrote yesterday on the Windows blog.

Microsoft is also using artificial intelligence technology for its own applications. Microsoft is designing the Fluent Design System so that it works across the diverse range of Windows 10 devices and inputs – including pen, gestures, gaze, and much more.

Microsoft has released alpha version for Visual Studio which will help developers test their iOS and Android Apps on Windows 10. These accessories will work in tandem with Windows Mixed Reality headsets to precisely track movement without having to install hardware markers in the surrounding space.

There are those who don’t want to move over because of software compatibility and that will not likely change for a few years until increased support is given to those older systems and people begin to move over to contemporary alternatives.

Microsoft Announces Story Remix, A Spiritual Successor to Movie Maker

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