AMD steps up to take on Intel with the Ryzen 7 CPU; How does it stack up?

Something else inside?

If you use a computer, you’ve probably seen that little “Intel Inside” sticker on it somewhere, letting you know that your Facebook posts and cat videos are happening due to Intel’s dominance in the computer chip business. But there’s another computer chip maker, Advanced Micro Devices, or AMD, that we don’t hear about very much, although that may be about to change.

Here at DT, Matt Smith has been putting AMD’s new Ryzen 7 1800X chip through its paces, and he’s here to report that the CPU has what it takes to compete against Intel, and at a price that puts it in reach of most people who like to build their own computer systems. The Ryzen 7 packs eight cores against the 10 in Intel’s top Core i7 model, and while it isn’t quite as fast as Intel’s fastest chip, it’s still pretty damn fast and at a price far below Intel’s premium offerings.

Is it a viable non-Intel option for computer builders and OEMs to drop into their machines? Depends somewhat on what the computer will be doing, so check out Matt’s review for a full technical and performance breakdown of the new AMD Ryzen series of silicon CPUs.


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