Microsoft Is Updating Paint With New Features And Refreshed Interface


The Paint app that ships with Windows is nearly as old as Windows itself and thanks to the leak of a new video, Microsoft is about to give the app its largest update in its history. As you can see from the video below, the user interface is being updated and there will be new features too.

While the video does not explicitly say that this is a UWP, based on the user interface and the company’s push to get as many apps into the store as possible, it may be possible that Microsoft has converted the win32 paint app into this new universal app and then updated the UI. While they could have started from scratch and rebuild Paint, the company has a ‘bridge’ that makes it easy to convert apps from traditional desktop apps into UWPs.

The interface has been significantly overhauled and looks more finger/pen friendly. For those worried about the app removing some of the basic features that Paint is known for, the video clearly states that all the traditional features are still in place.

Being added to the new app is the ability to work in 3D and create scenes that can be viewed from multiple angles.

While we don’t know when this app will be released, it could be part of Redstone 2 that is shaping up to be a large update for the OS. If that is the case, it likely will not arrive until next year for all users (it could show up earlier for Insiders) but seeing as this video has been created shows that this application is relatively far along in the development cycle which means it could be pushed out sooner.

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