Microsoft Surface Phone To Be The First 64-bit Microsoft Phone?


Microsoft Surface Phone To Be The First 64-bit Microsoft Phone? : Surface Phone is getting some really hot rumors nowadays and now we really have a reason to be excited. A recent rumor claims that Microsoft is looking to switch to 64-bit technology in its upcoming smartphone device. This is big news because it means the hardware will be impressive.

Due to memory growing more and more every year in smartphones, at one point it was inevitable that smartphones switched to 64-bit architectures. Looks like Microsoft has some big plans for the Surface Phone if it indeed wants to switch to a 64-bit architecture.

Right now all smartphones are capped at 4 GB of RAM because of the processor limitations but if Microsoft were to use a 64-bit architecture into the Surface Phone then this would allow them to sell versions of the phone with more than 4 GB of RAM. This is quite impressive and would blow many phones out of the water easily.

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date

Now that we’ve establizhed that this is going to be one heck of a device, when are we going to see it? Well, there are mixed rumors on this. Some people claim that the Surface Phone is going to be released very soon after all this hype but others claim that due to Intel’s exclusivity on the components, we won’t be seeing the Microsoft Surface Phone until early 2017.

In any case, the device is coming for sure and it’s going to be huge. Seeing such drastic changes like an x64 architecture means that this is basically going to change smartphones forever for the better.

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