Surface Phone Release Date: Microsoft’s September 7 debut set for showdown against Apple’s iPhone 7?

Surface Phone Release Date

#SurfacePhone #Windows10Surface Phone Release Date: Microsoft’s September 7 debut set for showdown against Apple’s iPhone 7? : Rumors are abound that Microsoft’s much anticipated mobile device line is set to be updated with the next-gen Surface Phone. Though so far, the company has remained silent, reports have pegged September 7 as the launch date for the device. Apparently, the Redmond based tech giant is set to unveil the Surface Phone at IFA Conference in Berlin that runs from Sept 2 to 7.

The September 7 release date of Surface Phone has been challenged by several reports. The IFA conference is set to end tomorrow on Wednesday, but there has been no update from Microsoft. The reports have said that Microsoft has not even showed up for the said event so an IFA release seems impossible.

Lately, several reports have pegged October as the possible month when the Surface mobile device shows up. Others claim that Microsoft may not unveil its mobile device until later in 2017. This has been backed up by past rumors saying that the company may rollout a new device along with the RedStone 2 update in spring 2017.

iPhone 7 Challenger?

Despite what reports claim, the September 7 release date remains the most logical date. With Apple launching its iPhone 7 on September 7, analysts believe Microsoft is positioning itself as the challenger to the popular mobile choice. However, Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile OS covers a mere 2% market share compared to Android’s 66.87% and iOS’s 27.2%.

Surface Phone Concept Art

Surface Phone Concept Art

The company is expected to launch the new Surface device with quite spectacular features. It is set to replace the Lumia 950 and 950 XL devices but will retain the Continuum feature. With Continuum, the mobile device can be turned into a full fledged computer by just connecting it to a display.

Microsoft’s core focus of Surface Line of devices has been innovation. The same is expected from the Surface phone and “business” and “education” sectors are core sectors likely to be targeted. There are likely to be three sets of Surface phone devices to be launched targeting different user base.

Features & Specifications

The Surface Phone is set to be powered by the Intel Atom 64-bit processor capable of providing enough juice for Continuum. Other rumors suggest that Microsoft would rather adopt Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 or Snapdragon 821.

Surface Phone

Surface Phone

The rumored three devices are set to come in three different variations of RAM and internal storage. The lowest variant is said to come with 3GB RAM coupled with 32GB storage, followed by 6GB RAM with 128GB storage and finally a 8GB RAM with whooping 500GB storage.

The display is expected to be sized between 5.5-inch to 5.7-inch with AMOLED technology. The phone is said to have a 21MP Carl Zeiss primary camera and either of 8MP or 12MP secondary camera. The Surface will come in an aluminum and magnesium body and support for Surface Pen.

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