New Mac malware discovered in the wild installing backdoors

Allowing attackers to hijack systems, the malware comes disguised as a fake file converter available at reputable download sites, Bitdefender warns.

A new piece of nasty malware targeting Mac systems has been discovered in the wild, allowing attackers to hijack users’ computers.

Dubbed Backdoor.MAC.Elanor by security researchers at antivirus vendor Bitdefender, the malware installs a backdoor that allows attackers full access to Mac systems, including users’ data and control of their webcam. The malware installs itself under the guise of Easy Doc, a fake file converter application available for download from reputable sites for Mac software, Bitdefender warned.

The rogue application installs a component that allows attackers to remotely and anonymously access the infected system’s control-and-command center. Another component allows attackers to view, edit, rename, delete, upload, download and archive files. They can also execute commands and scripts.

The malware uses a tool named “wacaw” to capture images and videos from built-in webcams, Birdefender warned.

However, the app is not digitally signed by an Apple-approved certificate, meaning Macs with Apple’s Gatekeeper security package enabled will be protected.

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