Windows 10 Users Get New Ad Blocker for Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft is adding extension support for Edge browser with the upcoming Anniversary Update, but the feature is already up for testing for users enrolled in the Windows Insider program.

This not only allows insiders to try out the current implementation of extensions in Windows 10 but also gives developers enough time to port their browser add-ons to Edge and make sure that everything is running smoothly before the public release in the summer.

CatBlock has just announced that its browser extension now supports Edge as well, so insiders who are currently running Windows 10 builds with extension integration can give it a try too.

It’s important to note that the add-on works only on Windows 10 preview builds 14291 and newer, so if you’re running an older version than that, you need to upgrade in order to install this extension. And speaking of installation, it requires some manually tweaking, as extensions are not yet available in the store, but everything should change when the Anniversary Update hits the market in the summer.

Based on Google Chrome extension code

Detailed instructions on how to install the CatBlock extension in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 are available on GitHub.

The developer of the extension praised the compatibility work that Microsoft has made under the hood in order to make it easy to port a browser add-on originally designed for Google Chrome to Edge.

“Today I’m happy to announce that after much waiting on our side for the preview builds of Windows 10, we’re ready for Microsoft Edge. When CatBlock first launches on Edge, it will be in a beta stage, whilst we iron out some bugs. However, we will be able to use the same code that we already use on Chrome and Opera, which reduces headaches for everyone!” the developer explained.

Making Google Chrome extensions run on Microsoft Edge browser was part of Redmond’s plan from the very beginning, with the company trying to offer full compatibility with little to no modifications at all to the original code.

Extension support should land for retail users in July, so we’re not very far from the moment when Microsoft finally pushes the feature to everyone and devs can start populating the store with their extensions.

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