Microsoft bringing your Android smartphone notifications to your Windows 10 PC

Microsoft bringing your Android smartphone notifications to your Windows 10 PC

While Microsoft also offers a Cortana app for iOS, it doesn’t have as much access to the underlying operating system as the Android version, so it can’t sync your notifications to a Windows 10 PC the same way.

Microsoft is preparing a new feature for Windows 10 that will let Android phone users view their notifications and respond to text messages right from the desktop, reports The Verge. The Build will serve as a significant platform for attracting developers to the latest Windows software and any updates planned.

In fact, more than 270 million people now use Windows 10, he confirmed.

Microsoft announced some big news for Skype at its BUILD developer conference on Wednesday. There will be a single unified store across devices, giving developers new features and consumers a consistent experience, like adding bundles, season passes, and pre-orders to the Windows Store. But it won’t be long until the final Dev Mode launches with a new Windows 10 Anniversary Update coming this summer.

Microsoft also took the opportunity to reveal how well the next-generation operating system was performing with customers.

When it comes to gaming on PC, there have been a few hiccups with DirectX 12 and Windows 10.

This, like many of Microsoft’s announcements over the previous year or more, have been about making it easier for devs to work on Windows, and expanding the install base of targeted applications with bridges and Xamarin.

“Our commitment to turn every Xbox One into a dev kit isn’t a hobby – it’s a commitment to empower every developer on the planet to reach the largest addressable TV audience on one open app platform”, Spencer said.

You can find out more details about the Windows 10 Anniversary update over at Microsoft at the link below. This Summer, there will be one Windows store for all platforms.

Microsoft also detailed Microsoft Cognitive Services, a set of APIs that developers can use to create machine learning features within their own apps.

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