The Lumia 650 May Be the "Last Lumia"

The company has since then tried creating several mobile phones in their Lumia series, but all of them have gone in vain, and it now looks that the company is gearing up to show off the “last lumia” device on the 1 of February – the Lumia 650. Also, the Lumia 650 is said to be the first and last Lumia for 2016.

The phone is expected to run Windows 10 Mobile and will likely be priced as a budget device, similar to the Lumia 550 before it. Even though these phones were greatly anticipated as Windows 10 devices, there are reports saying that these phones did not boost the Lumia brand, and it is possible that the Lumia 650 could be the last Microsoft phone, at least of the Lumia-type.

The video, spotted by Phone Arena, doesn’t mention the “Lumia Phone X” until the description.

With Windows phones accounting for only 1.7 percent of the mobile phone market, UK Business Insider reports the figure is a sore point for Microsoft, who is looking for a competitive edge against leading contenders, Samsung and Apple. In addition, it might feature an 8MP rear camera along with a 5MP front facing camera.

Right now, live tiles are among the things that set Windows 10 Mobile apart and users really love them, especially when coming with transparency.

From now on, it’s believed that Bill Gates and co are focusing their efforts on a Surface Phone, to match its tablet and laptop range.

Other specifications on the handset will include 8GB of built in storage and 1GB of RAM, there will also be a microSD card slot for extra storage. Moreso, it is allegedly the only Lumia smartphone that is queued for this year. However there is some speculation that maybe this might mean that Microsoft could be planning on launching new phones with a different branding, maybe under the Surface brand instead.

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