Steve Ballmer doesn’t think Universal apps will work, Windows needs “Android apps”


At Microsoft’s annual shareholder meeting, ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave some less than stellar feedback on Microsoft’s current practices and offered advice on how the company can turn their mobile business around.

According to Ballmer, the software giant doesn’t share profit margins or sales figures with shareholders, instead providing yearly revenues run rates, which approximates what the company’s revenue would be if current sales levels were extended to a full 12 months. The former CEO argued that Microsoft needs to makes it’s hardware and cloud margins visible as well, so that shareholders have an accurate representation of how the company is doing.

During the meeting, current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was questioned about the app gap and the company’s mobile phone strategy to which he replied that the all-platform Universal Windows Apps would help to fix. Ballmer immediately disagreed, stating that windows phones won’t find success until they start running Android apps, an idea Microsoft dabbled with under the code name Project Astoria which was just recently cancelled.

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