Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

I have been getting lots of calls and emails asking this exact question.  Microsoft has decided to include a very persistent NAG Screen telling you to Upgrade.  So should you change or stay with what you have? 

Factors to help determine if It’s for you.

1. Are you using Windows 7 or Windows 8.

2. If  it’s Windows 8 do you to log into your computer when it starts?

3. Do you have a Microsoft Email Account of some sort?

4. Do you use the Microsoft Account and password to log in to the computer?

5. Do you have a Touch Screen?

6. Do you know what an App is and do you want to use them on your computer?

7. Are you excited by change and want to learn new things?

8. Do you know how to search for answers and the correct questions to ask?

9. Is you computer 3 years old or newer?

10. Have you read or heard about a feature in Windows 10 that you want to use?

11. Do you have an external Hard Drive to create an image or your existing computer in the event of an error?

12. Do you have a professional support person?

The most important of these questions is to make certain you have a clear understanding of why you are upgrading.  If you are doing everything you need to do and are not a computer wiz, wait until your next machine.

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