Microsoft users will have a few busy days this week, as the company is set to launch Threshold 2, the first big update for Windows 10 after RTM.

Threshold 2 is first and foremost the most important update for Windows 10 after the operating system rolled out on July 29. Microsoft has been testing several new improvements with the Insider Program, and now that most of them have proved to be stable enough for prime time, the company is shipping them to computers running RTM as well.

This rollout will take place via Windows Update, so tomorrow, in addition to the usual security updates that Microsoft releases every Patch Tuesday, you should also see another big update comprising several exciting changes.

For example, Windows 10 Threshold 2 brings support for a fourth column of live tiles in the Start menu, an eagerly anticipated feature that debuted in preview builds last month. Additionally, you’ll get a new messaging app, redesigned context menus, colored title bars, more personalization options and several other improvements here and there specifically introduced to refine the experience with Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge browser will get its own share of enhancements with Threshold 2, but extension support won’t be included right now. Word has it that extensions would arrive sometime next summer, most likely as part of Redstone update for Windows 10.

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