Your Thumb Drive (Flash Drive) has a MAJOR Flaw

I just got off the phone with another very upset and disappointed call in.  She called in with what she assumed was a simple problem.  Her thumb drive wasn’t being seen by her computer and wanted to get the files off it.  After all these things are everywhere and being used by millions to store your stuff.  They must have a game plane for when the break, right?

The simple answer is NO.  I have heard of some recovery companies having some success, but for very big dollars, and I do mean big.  SO, what do you do to make certain YOU don’t ever find yourself in this predicament?   ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR STUFF!  If you like the convenience and cheap cost of thumb drives, buy them in bulk and never keep your only copy on one.  Take a second or ever third drive and create multiple copies.  Insuring you won’t have at least one working drive. 

Better, cheaper and easier to use are cloud backup.  My favorite and most reliable choice is One Drive from Microsoft.  It is available on all platforms and works in the background automatically grabbing your stuff for FREE.  You can then log in on any device and find all your stuff.  How great is that? 

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