Free Cloud Backup From Microsoft

There is no excuse to not backup anymore.  Microsoft has announced it is giving away 100 Gigs of online storage to everyone with a Microsoft Account.  And the best part is it does it in the background AUTOMACTLY!!!  You no longer have to plan anything.  You don’t have to have a Backup Drive (still recommended). 

How to get your free online storage.

If you already have any kind of Microsoft email address (@msn, @hotmail, @outlook) just login, you will see the offer.  Added benefit if you have several accounts, each gets the same great deal.

Create a account.

You don’t need to change your email address just use what you have to create the account.

If you are using any version of Windows 8, Onedrive is already installed.

If you are using Windows 7 download the desktop Onedrive app here.

Follow some very simple wizards and you have set it up.

It knows to backup all your standard folders in your User profile, that includes Docs, Music, Pics, Desktop, Favorites.

As an added benefit you can access these files from any computer, tablet or phone.

You can’t have enough backups, every single hard drive will fail at some point and Murphy’s law about this says it will happen with most important thing you have ever done at the most critical time.

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