A Bad Power Supply Can Cause Odd Problems

Generally speaking computer components go from good to dead with very little in between.  One minute your hard drive is working and the next time you boot, nothing.  You don’t usually get any warning.  The power supply in your desktop computer does not always follow that rule.  They can go from working perfectly to completely dead but that is not always the case.  Here are a couple of warning signs the problem is your power supply.

1. Your computer begins to boot and then appears to shut off only to restart a few seconds later and completes to a working desktop.  This can go on for months and you just assume that’s how your computer boots.  Wrong, bad power supply.

2. Your computer every now and again for no reason just shuts off and reboots and then works fine.  Bad power supply.

3. Your computer boots to a message saying you need to set defaults in your bios, but won’t allow you into the bios.  Bad power supply

4. If your HP desktop appears to turn on but nothing comes on the screen, check the back of the computer for an orange light.  Bad power supply.

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