It’s always safest NOT to click.

The single most common repair done to computers is removal of Malware.  And it doesn’t seem to matter Apple or Microsoft.  Malware today attempts to fool the user to install it.  It comes in a few basic forms. 

1. A pop up saying something about the performance of you computer.

2. An email notification about a missed delivery.

3. Bundled with a download (Chrome, Adobe Flash), to name a few.

Presently there are no programs that will stop these or reliably remove them, so it is up to you to protect your computer.

So, what do you do?  Be conservative and patient.  The popup itself is not the problem.  It’s what you do with it that starts the download.  My clients always say “I swear, I didn’t click it.”  What they didn’t understand is using the x in the right corner to close it IS CLICKING IT.  The entire popup window is a giant YES button.  It makes no difference where you click, it’s only job is to get clicked.

You have 2 easy options when presented with anything you don’t think feels right.  Use task manager to end the program (most cases it’s the browser).  You can get to the task manager by either right clicking the bottom task bar and left clicking task manager or CTRL, ALT Delete.  The other option is to simply restart your computer, if you haven’t clicked the offending window your computer will start again missus the danger.

If you ever get an email from UPS or Fedex claiming you missed the delivery it is not legit, delete it.  The magic to staying safe on the internet is NOT CLICKING.  Good luck.

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