You are not getting a deal buying a Intel Core i3 computer.

You are looking to buy a new computer, comparing all the specs, and you notice the Core i3’s are less money.  Do you even know what an Core i3 is? And should you care?  The answer to the first question is, not really.  The second part is YES.  Intel sells lots of different CPU’s (the brains of the computer).  The most popular are the Core i3, i5 and i7 series.  All are marketed as fast speedy guts capable of handling all the day to day things most of us do.  That is just not true for i3.  It should not be sold and pulled from the shelves.  It is NOT capable of basic computer needs.  I could go on and on about charts and graphs but that’s boring.  Bottom line, do a bit more searching a find a deal with either the Core i5 or any Quad Core CPU, AMD or Intel.

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