Start Using your Inkjet Printer and Save Hundreds

Up until recently I had no idea these brilliant contraptions existed.  I was watching an episode of Techzilla, (I am a geek after all) and this was sort of demoed.  They are called CISS systems are made for a variety of popular printer models.  It means continuous ink supply system.  Based on the cost for the tiny bit of ink that comes in those cartridge’s you would think you are buying jewels.  They sell remanufactured ones for less or you could try the buy bulk ink and then inject it somehow into the cartridge.  Neither of those has been a good option.

Here are some examples for different manufactures:









It’s an ingenuous idea and pretty simple.  The external tanks hold about 100 times more ink then the little cartridge and gravity feed the printer. 

Now for the amazing part, an entire setup with everything you need costs around $60 $70.  That is less then 1 single cartridge set.  You get less than 100 pages printing a color page for your kids homework.  And many times even less.  Those are very expensive homework assignments.  With these systems you can print thousands of pages.  Once you own the thing you can buy bulk ink for $15 to fill all the large canisters.

I just installed one for my HP C410 all in one.  If you decide to try this here are absolutes you  must do.

1.  Find your system on EBay, I can personally recommend this company: I spoke with the owner, very helpful and excellent customer service.

2. Watch youtube videos before installing.

3. Use latex gloves to do the install, getting ink off your hands is not fun.  If you watch the video’s you should not have any mess.

4. The tanks are gravity feed so when installing keep them lower than the cartridges to keep ink out.

5.  The systems I recommend include the cartridge chip, and do not require you to remove your existing one.  You may see this step in some videos.

6. They kit includes silicone seals that are placed in the printer one time (VERY IMPORTANT)

Now you can actually use the printer without guilt.

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2 Responses to Start Using your Inkjet Printer and Save Hundreds

  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually, you can just buy Epson ink tank system printer and start refilling from ink bottles… epson is also selling ink bottles at affordable price… less hassle

  2. That’s an option, It is an expensive printer @ $250. The idea is not to have to buy a new printer, but instead retro fit your existing one for much less. Thanks for the imput

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