The Benefit of Hand Built Computers

Why should I buy one from Recom Computer instead of the big guys?  I get this question almost every time from new customers.  And it’s a very legit question.  I have been building computers for nearly 20 years now.  In that time I have hand crafted thousands of computers.  Of those thousands I have done virtually none requir repair work.  I do on the other hand a tremendous amount of Name Brand computer repair and my workshop is littered with HP APPLE and DELL dead boxes.

The single biggest reason is……

I MANUALLY INSTALL THE OPERATING SYSTEM.  All of the other manufactures use pre loaded hard drives with a copied image for that particular model.  That single act will miss 90% of potential problems.

Bad memory

Bad power supply

Bad motherboard

If a computer fails to turn on or not boot it has a very obvious defect and is pulled from the line.   MOST COMPUTER ISSUES DO NOT HAVE AN OBVIOUS CULPRIT.  They will turn on and boot and pass line inspection.  It is only after the customer begins to stress the computer does the frustration begin.

Now you have to rely on the poorly trained hard to understand overseas tech support.  Or you have to pack it up and lug it to hopefully a close Apple store.

The vast knowledge and experience I have acquired by building and diagnosing computers allows for a level of competence just not found in my competitors.  When the going gets tough for my local Geek Squad they refer to Recom Computers.

EVER PART MOST BE COMPATIBLE TO EACH OTHER.  Motherboards and memory types, memory and video card and on and on.  If not correctly matched you will have random problems diagnosed incorrectly.

The magic word in reliable computers is EXPERINCE EXPERIENCE EXPERIECE.  There is a difference and I personally insure every hand built computer works perfectly.

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