The Secret To Preventing Malware From Installing…

The simple truth is no Anti Virus or Malware software works.  It doesn’t matter what kind you use, Norton, AVG, Avast, Microsoft, Mac Defender, or what ever.  They don’t work to protect you from Malware, the only real threat out there today.  The most common Malware are disguised as Anti Virus software and pop up on very legitimate websites, the other common one is an FBI warning.  Both of these look very authentic and cause immediate panic. 

So what should you do when this happens to you. 

First and most important is to not over react. 

Second, DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING  Don’t click NO, don’t click YES, don’t click minimize.

The entire Window is a giant YES BUTTON


If you are comfortable with the control, alt, delete buttons to bring up the task bar, do that.  End the task, usually the browser.

Other wise use hold the on off button until the computer shuts down.  Restart the computer and all will be well.

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