The convergence is coming

It’s been nearly a year now since Windows 8 was first introduced. Along with it came a smattering of new computers. Most of which missed the mark unfortunately. Some had some good ideas but weren’t implemented correctly. Some were just wild experiments never to achieve a substantial following. Microsoft introduced two great ideas, but neither achieved great success. The form factor and build quality were excellent with the Surface line of tablets. But the RT version was overpriced and lacked adequate apps. While the Pro version did not offer enough battery time. Lenovo had some of the best products available within a short time of launch. Including the Yoga and Twist Line. These are both very good first attempts but ultimately failed due to battery time.

We have arrived at a new day, Windows 8.1 and a new low-power Intel CPU. With this exciting new combination the ability to carry around a lightweight powerful tablet has finally arrived. This year’s batch of computers will hit all the important high marks. They will be available in form factors from 8 inch to over 20 inch, they will be powerful enough to run the most demanding programs, and most importantly will allow for a full day’s work on battery. You will also find price points to fit demanding budgets. We have arrived at the days of $250 Windows tablets.

All of the top computer brands are introducing a bevy of great performing options. Virtually all new machines, including desktop, laptop and tablet will have full touch capabilities. There will be lots of laptops and tablets to choose from offering 8 to 12 hour battery life. What this means in the real world will be the ability to have one device capable of meeting all your requirements. Your tablet, laptop and home desktop machine will be one in the same. I for one am very excited at the prospect.

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