How to clean your Laptop Screen

Every single laptop that comes into my shop for work gets a thorough cleaning. All of my customers when they come to pick up are so impressed with how clean it is. They say it hasn’t looked like that since it was new, what’s your secret? So I decided it might be a good idea to give a few minutes to create this blog and explain how easy and safe it is to clean your laptop screen. If you have young children it is very common to have greasy finger marks dried and caked on the screen. With extremely dirty screens be very cautious not to use excessive liquid. You will have much better results, and more importantly safely clean your screen with multiple applications.

You will need 2 items, a micro cloth towel and some liquid window cleaner. First thing you’ll need to do is dilute the window cleaner to one part cleaner five parts water. It is not recommended that you use full strength cleaners due to the harsh chemicals. If you only clean your screen very rarely you really don’t need to be worried. There are two types of screens on laptops today, glossy and matte finish. Both are easily cleaned.

The single most important thing when applying any liquid is not to let it drip. The rim around your screen is called a bezel and it covers electronics behind it. On the bottom of the screen under the bezel lies all the electronics that power your screen. If any liquid drips under the bezel, and it is very easy, you can short out the screen. So you need to be careful when you spray. Have you micro cloth in hand, and apply a light mist to the top portion of your screen. Immediately begin wiping to absorb all the liquid. Your cloth should now be moist enough to clean the entire screen. Repeat the process if needed. It is reasonable to apply light to moderate pressure to remove all marks. Be very aware that your micro cloth is free from all contaminants as any small objects embedded in the cloth can scratch the screen.  The screens are all manufactured with a protective coating so normal cleaning will not do any damage.

Another technique I use, is to use a slightly damp sponge and micro towel. I lean the laptop back so the screen is lying flat on the table. Starting in the upper left corner I use the damp sponge to lubricate the screen. The sponge should not produce enough water to cause a drip. I then quickly use the micro cloth to create a perfectly clean surface, free from any and all streaks. The most important part of this process is to be very aware nothing drips. These techniques can also be used for your desktop LCD or TV. Enjoy your clean screen.

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