Intel’s 4th Gen CPU’s are not for ever thing.


This past month Intel released it’s much anticipated next generation CPU named Haswell.  It will be available in all new Laptops, Desktops, and even a few dual purpose Tablets.  The excitement has to do mostly with power consumption.  Giving as much as 40% additional battery time.  It is also slightly faster than the Ivy Bridge generation still found in most computers.  In real world use the added speed will be hardly noticed in your everyday emailing, online surfing or document creation. 

As is always the case, when the new arrives it decreases the cost for what it replaces.  And that can be a good thing depending on what you are buying.  If you a replacing or getting a new Desktop computer save money and get the 3rd gen Ivy Bridge cpu.  The benefits of the new Haswell will be insignificant in this configuration.  This also applies to many laptops.  If you do not use your laptop off the power cord much like I do, then getting an extra hour or 2 of battery doesn’t make any difference.  You can save several hundreds of dollars.

If on the other hand you are a road warrior, then it makes very good sense to be certain to only buy the latest gen Haswell.  For the first time, many ultra laptops will now have 8 hours run time on battery.  That distinction was only available on pure tablets previously.  Wait for the new gen of Lenovo Yoga’s and Microsoft’s Surface Pro.  These are very powerful computers that combine the fun tablet consumption for travel and play along with the needed power and keyboard needed for real work. 

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