What is Microsoft Exchange e-mail server and why you need it.

If you require any business e-mail at all you use Microsoft Outlook, it is the standard and for practical purposes really the only mail program. The vast majority of my clients use it for their e-mails, calendar and contacts. It is the easiest to set up for folders and rules, and has a depth unrivaled.

Oddly enough, many companies have their e-mail controlled through the company that hosts their website. What the vast majority of them don’t realize, is that web designers as a group despise Microsoft for any myriad of ridiculous reasons. Because they don’t use Microsoft products their customers are the benefactor of a terrible business decision. I don’t want to argue the point that Microsoft is good witch or the bad which. It is, the company that controls and dominates all back office services. No other company or service including Google comes even close. If you use Microsoft outlook for your e-mail, you need Microsoft exchange. It is only half a product without it, and requires exchange to work properly.

If you have ever had to set up Outlook on a new computer, your experienced was not good if you didn’t have a Microsoft exchange e-mail. Exchange is the backend service that maintains all of your Outlook data. Outlook without exchange has no way to be backed up. Outlook doesn’t know your folders, or your rules permissions. The actual Outlook file is maintained in a hidden directory five levels deep. And I promise you, no one backs that file up. If on the other hand, your e-mail account is tied to a Microsoft exchange, all that’s required to be up and running is your e-mail address. When you first set up Microsoft Outlook, you have an option called exchange. You highlight that, in which her e-mail address and watch the magic begin. Microsoft knows you, and in a matter of moments re-creates, every single detail of your Outlook e-mail. Having to re-create your entire outlook life, because some computer nerd has a hard on for Microsoft does not serve you the customer. In my next post I will discuss several options for getting a Microsoft exchange e-mail.

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