To fix or replace my computer, that is the question.

Over the years I have found that most people have absolutely no idea how old their computer is. 99/100 times when asked how old the computer is the reply is about a year. Unfortunately the reality is always very different, ranging anywhere from 3 to as old as 10 years. It is only with an accurate age that a computers value can be determined. The age along with the specs of the computer and condition determine a computer value. Most people feel the price they paid for the computer is the most important, when in fact it has absolutely no bearing on its present day worth.

Obviously when determining whether to keep or replace, the cost of the repair is high on the list. But not necessarily the determining factor. I ask my customers if the computer was capable of doing all the things they needed and was sufficiently fast enough before the problem occurred. If the repair cost is no more than half its value and it is under two years old I recommend doing the repair. If the computer is beyond three years old and still fulfills all your requirements I place a limit of $100 on the repair. If your computer is old enough to be running Windows XP I strongly advise my customers to purchase new.

Computers have come down in price these days that they’re all most a commodity. Understand that the inexpensive new computer today is going to be many times more powerful then the top-of-the-line 3 to 5 year old computer. What you paid over $1000 for a few years ago is far surpassed by even low end equipment today. My philosophy for buying computer equipment ” buy them cheap and by the often”. I have no desire to be the proud owner of a 10-year-old computer. Hope these guidelines help in making a sound logical decision.

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