When will Windows 8 become Windows 8?

I have written about Windows 8 on several occasions, from before it appeared to its final release. Windows 8 is not an improved desktop version of Windows 7. In fact the desktop version of Windows 8 is not Windows 8. That no-name thing with the live tiles, that, is Windows 8. That version of Windows is lean clean and mean. It achieves all of the things that bogged down desktop Windows. Unfortunately, without the coordinated effort of hardware manufacturers and software producers Windows 8 is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
In other blogs I’ve written, I tried to explain the difference between Windows 8 and all the rest of mobile operating systems. Apple’s IOS and Googles Android are not capable and never will be. They do not have standard filesystems, they require third-party applications to complete basic requirements. They do not offer USB hardware recognition, and finally they don’t offer the simple ability to print. They will never be powerful enough to run full-fledged applications such as Photoshop, QuickBooks or Microsoft Office. Light versions of these capable of only the simplest functions are the best they can offer. The promise of Windows 8, is at its heart it is Windows. With all of the power that Windows OS offers.

So where are these programs and the new amazing computer to run them on?

And there we come to the problem, with Microsoft leading the pack. No one expected application developers to port their programs for the release of Windows 8. But we sure as hell expected Microsoft to port its office program. If they can’t do it how in the hell do they expect anyone else to? And it’s still not done, with no indication of if and when. At this point Windows 8 is no different than the other two operating systems. Just a toy to play games with using touch, if you were able to find one of the very few touch options available. The basic applications that shipped with Windows 8 were terrible. Most terrible, the mail program, the most important of all and it has still not been fixed. What doesn’t make any sense to me, is why they didn’t just port the Windows phone mail application it’s fantastic.

Now for the good news. The desktop version of Windows 8 is fantastic and allowed everyone to continue doing exactly what they’ve always done in the exact same way. No harm no foul. By placing the programs you use onto the taskbar you really don’t have to see the the new Windows 8 at all. I am very confident that in the next months and years Microsoft will get it correct. Without the need to run the desktop, the holy Grail of full computers on a tablet will be realized……. Someday.

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