It never should have been available as on option.  Windows 8 is fantastic.  I want to be very clear about that.  I am a very big fan of the new OS.  It is the beginning of the future for all computers, not just Windows versions.  In the next few years you will see Apple follow suit, mark my words.  But having said that, it requires the correct equipment, and that means TOUCH.

It’s the same idea as electric cars but no way to charge them, or  smart phones with tiny data caps and lots of other new tech.  To fully realize the experience you need the complete package.  Windows 8 was designed for touch and is a terrible experience without it.  Can you imagine if car companies sold cars without power steering?.  Sure you can make it work but it sucks.  With the power steering that impossibly hard car becomes a thing of joy.  Just like Windows 8 does when implemented correctly.  It goes from this sucks to this is amazingly fantastic.

Don’t blame Microsoft for this, they can’t control what equipment manufactures release.  And most if not all PC makers took the easy way.  Taking existing computers and simply slapping on 8.  There should be a class action suit filled against all of them for doing that and anyone who bought one should be allowed to give it back and get a credit for there trouble.  Yea, keep dreaming.

If you did get a computer without touch here are a few suggestions to make it better.  More than likely you don’t know how Windows 8 even works.  Go to youtube and watch a few videos for the basics.  You will see how to get around very easily with your mouse and keyboard.

Very important….learn how to pin the programs you use often to your taskbar so they are always available without having to leave the desktop.

Make desktop versions of your picture viewer, pdf, music and mail the default programs that open instead of the Metro versions.  This will stop from going back and forth.

Bring you mouse to the bottom left hand corner and right click, this will bring up a great short cut list.

The whole idea behind Windows 8 is to combine mobile and desktop.  So it makes sense that you need a computer that does the same.

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