Microsoft release Surface Pro

On Feb 9th Microsoft released the very few Surface Pro’s it had to sell to very eager buyers.  Available in a 64 gig or 128 gig storage versions.  Both sold out instantly online and in store.  This is the first time any Microsoft product has had buying fever associated with it since Windows 95.  It is a week later and the frenzy is even greater as wanna be buyers scour the internet and stores in the hope of landing one of these prized possessions.

The Surface Pro is a high end quality built tablet able to run full Windows 8 in a very light powerful form factor.  Something many people have been unable to achieve until now.  It is in a sense the ultimate computer.  Please keep in mind this a first gen effort and hopefully Microsoft will improve upon it quickly and often.  For the first time you have all your computer needs met in a single product.  It can replace your desktop, your laptop and your tablet.  This is the future for all companies, whether or not they want to admit it today.  With the integration of cell phone service this even replaces the phone.

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