Touch is the future, sorry Apple

I always wonder why a company would choose to dig itself into a hole.  Microsoft has done it on several occasions.  Like when Ballmer boldly predicted the iphone was a niche product and the ipad would be a dud.  How about Steve Jobs and his famous no one wants a 7” tablet.  Both Steve and Tim Cook both agree that touch is a bad idea on laptop or desktop.  What’s the upside to having to eat your words and flip flop on a good idea?

Every single manufacture except Apple agrees that in the very short-term future all  laptops will have a touch screen.  The simple truth is, if you use one for just a short 20 minutes you are converted.  From then on you will find yourself reaching.  Not for everything, but it will become the norm.  Just as you use the keyboard for some things and the mouse or track pad for others and find them both indispensable, so will the touch screen.  If you are going to buy a new computer get it with touch.  Windows 8 should have only been available on touch screen computers.

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