To Tablet or not to tablet that is the question?

This is a difficult blog to write for me.  For those of you that know me you are familiar with my strong opinions.  And I do have a strong opinion about tablets.  As with all technology I am not a fan of wasting money on them.  It does not matter who’s name appears on the logo.  In this particular category of technology one company does dominate, Apple.  There are a few other players but honestly most of the buying public has never heard of them.  If in fact you’re familiar with one of these other tablets, the same rules would apply.


The Ipad in any form is a toy, a very expensive toy.  It is everything a smart phone is and less.  I must give credit where credit is due, and Steve Job’s does deserve a tremendous amount of credit.  He was the consummate salesman, that was a gift.  In a recent study conducted in England 50% or more of Ipad users hadn’t used it in over a week.  35% hadn’t touched it in a month.  98% of users access to the Ipad for e-mail and web browsing and nothing more.  When questioned further most of the users wanted it to do more.  That seems to follow my real world experience.  What most of my clients tell me is they got bored with it and regret spending all that money.  They do agree in theory that it’s a good thing to have on a trip.  Getting content onto it is expensive and can only be done through iTunes.  Grabbing a couple of DVD’s to watch on the plane is still a lot easier.


All of my opinions on the tablet are based in logic, not emotion.  Tech toys are not an investment, they never give back a return.  If you have money to burn, which some people do, don’t waste it.  There are obviously lot’s better ways to give away your money other than spending it on yourself.


Now, after ranting about how much I dislike the whole category of tablets, I firmly believe they will change the way we interact with computers.  In the next few years, these tablets will become computers, in every sense of the word.  They will run a complete operating system, have a battery life of 10 or more hours ended replaced standard laptops and desktops that most of us use.

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