Great deal on a wireless headset for your computer.

For the next couple of days I am assuming, Staples is having an amazing sale on the Microsoft 6000 wireless headset. It normally sells for $60, but you can pick one up today for under $10. It took me a little bit to figure out how to get this thing to work correctly as the instructions and documentation are pretty worthless. But now that I’ve it is absolutely fantastic. The range and accuracy is just terrific. I have become a big fan of the Dragon naturally speaking program. The only real problem I had with it was being confined to a very limited space due to the wired microphone. Obviously, with this wireless unit that is no longer the case. I can now comfortably lean back in my chair and dictate away.

To get the unit to work, first thing you must do is download the updated drivers for Windows 7. You will need version 1.4. Once you download and install the drivers it will direct you to plug in your adapter. Your actual headset unit will need to be recharged for up to four hours. Now for the part that doesn’t think they mentioned anywhere. You need to sync the headset unit with the adapter. Hold down the button on the headset unit until it blinks, hold down the adapter button until it begins to flash. Once the headset unit goes to a solid single light you’re all set.

For $10 you can’t go wrong. It will work with lots of other applications including Skype, messenger and any other voice PC services. If you are unaware Windows 7 comes with a full speech program. You can use that to get your feet wet before spending money on the full Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Have fun with that and the next way to interact with your computer.

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