Yelp Update (Negative)

It’s been over a year since I last wrote about Yelp and not much seems to have changed.  With all the negative reports flying around the net Yelp was at risk of becoming insincere.  Unfortunately it took all the justified reports and did not make some very needed changes.  It is impossible to understand why posts make it to the main page and why others don’t.  Yelp wants you to become part of the community.   It is clear to them that if you only make the one positive or negative review you were coerced into it.  And Yelp will bury that review. Got a sales call today and found 10 changes to reviews, all disapeared off the front page .  Salesman claimed it was my fault.  I was actually scared to take the call.  Within the day more reviews were taken off.   Yelp is a very powerful force capable of making or breaking a business.   Be afraid, very afraid…..

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