Easy Free Auto Backup for Windows 7

I get calls all the time about my computer is dead can you get my stuff off it.  The first thing I ask is are you backed up and do you have an external drive?  The answer is always a resounding NO.  It’s just not something most of you do so I thought it might help to have an easy automatic system to back up your stuff and as a bonus it’s free.  I can’t say enough times how important it is to back up your stuff.  Every computer will die at some point and it’s going to take all your pictures and music with it to the grave. 

If you have other versions of Windows you can do this also it will involve a few more downloads and updates.  For Windows 7 you want to start here.


This is SyncToy 2 for Windows 7.  A very small program that will sync your computer files to your external hard drive.  Download and install the program.  Check your computer to see which version of 7 your are running, 32 or 64 bit.  Once installed you will start the program and create a sync pair.  My suggestion is to sync your entire user name.  This will include all music, pics and documents from all your programs.  Choose the external drive for the device on the right and follow the instructions. 

Now you have a back up but it’s not automatic and without that part it may never get done again.  Go to your start button and type in task scheduler, it will appear on top of your list.  Start it and choose create basic task.  You will want to choose start program as the task.  To find SyncToy open computer, c drive, program files, SyncToy.  Once you have the main folder open you need to click the actual file name SyncToy.  You can now set up a schedule for how often to run the backup.  I suggest once a week.  You will have 3 chooses for the kind of Sync choose the first one.  That’s it, you can now be part of a very small group of computer users who can sleep well knowing the pictures of your cats are safe.

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