Bullshit antivirus programs (malware)

 What do antivirus 2009, antivirus 2010 have in common?  They are both fake.  If you are still using any version of Windows XP you are extremely vulnerable.  If you have not upgraded to IE8 and use Windows XP it is just a matter of time before some type of bullshit antivirus program takes over your computer.  This type of intrusion can occur on almost any web page.  They are created not by the web site, but by the advertising on that web page.  I am sure you have noticed that each time you refresh a web page you see different ad’s generated in the exact same spot.  It is the company’s that create those changing ad’s that are infected.  If you should happen upon a web page that generates one of these virus warnings, DON”T DO ANYTHING.  And I am going to repeat that in bold don’t do anything, don’t do anything, don’t do anything.  Do not attempt to click anywhere on the page.  The page is one giant yes button.  If you follow these simple instructions you will not infect your computer.  Turn off your computer.  Go to the start button and shut the computer off.

 When you have turned your computer back on you’re safe to go back to normal browsing.  Breathe a sigh of relief, and now decide what needs to be done to avoid this happening in the future.  If you do not own and external backup drive you are to buy one immediately.  If you own a external backup drive and have not made a recent backup, you are to make one immediately.  I recommend you read my blog on backing up your computer, what are the best and safest ways to back up.

 If you’re coming across this blog after the fact.  And are looking for ways to fix your infected computer I will attempt to pass on some real world experience.  No paid or free program can reliably fix this.  The only way to completely remove and prevent the malware from reappearing is to wipe your hard drive and reinstall.  It is at this point you should consider very strongly making some changes.  Windows XP is over 10 years old.  In computer years it might as well be 1000.  It is no longer a capable OS.  No amount of patching or service packs is going to change that.  The security features within the new Windows 7 OS in combination with IE8 are light years ahead.  At some point you are going to upgrade this is the perfect opportunity. 

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