How to talk to your computer, and have it listen.

With both the Vista and now Windows 7 built into the operating system is voice recognition.  With the simple addition of a microphone you can bring your computer into the future.  In the back of just about every computer are some colored holes.  The pink one is the one you plug in your microphone to.  As soon as you do that your computer will recognize it and begin the tutorial for how to use it.

 There are commands to control each and every aspect of your computer.  That includes opening programs, using your web browser, starting a music program listening to all your songs or even an excel worksheet.  The most common use for speech recognition is dictation.  You can open up your E mail and dictate.  This works for all word processing programs such as Microsoft Word, Wordpad or Notepad.

 There are lots of reasons to use the speech recognition included.  If you hate typing, are not very good at it or simply never learned you can still create documents.  Obviously if you have a physical limitation this can completely compensate for that.  I prefer using dictation for all my blogs.  I like the ability to stream my thoughts verbally.  If you’ve never tried it I strongly recommend you pick up a $20.00 Logitech headset and move into the future.

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