Lets not shop at Best Buy this Holiday (or ever)

Why do I hate Best Buy, let me count the ways. Of all the stores that I have ever had the displeasure of ever shopping at Best Buy has to lead the pack

I could go into any number of personal examples of why this store is always a great disappointment, but why bother, when it’s just as easy to do a simple Google search and find actual websites devoted to this very topic. Why do we discuss in this blog are two particular policies that seem to me both deceitful and illegal.

The first one, has to do with matching prices. In my experience this has proven to be outright fraud. It is clear that management has no intention of ever matching any products. There is always an excuse or made up random policy that excludes your particular request. Now I really don’t give a shit if Best Buy ever matches a price, they can charge whatever they please for any product that they sell. The problem obviously occurs, when Best Buy makes a strong marketing claim that it does in fact happily match pricing.

Second on the hit list has to do with the famed Geek Squad of theirs. This wandering band of geeks are an insult to the industry. Best Buy offers virtually zero training in combination with poor pay. Guaranteed to add up to a bad expensive experience. Armed with no actual computer knowledge and a handful of so-called repair DVDs. If you should happen to need to bring your computer to the store for repair be prepared to have all of your personal information shared. This group of 20 some odd-year-olds have an internal computer network where they like to post your stuff for a laugh or worse. Best Buy has been accused of this on many occasions but does nothing.

Now let’s talk about a few particulars at Best Buy sells. I cannot emphasize strongly enough to never buy a Best Buy gift card. How this is legal I have no idea because it just seems like theft to me. Best Buy has a policy that once a gift card has been purchased, under NO circumstances, none, zero, no exceptions can it be refunded. I have seen this policy in many other stores but every other store will, with some discussion, give cash for the card. Best Buy claims and I’m sure rightly so that no procedure exists to do that. So it’s not anyone’s fault, it’s the system. They would love to be able to cash out the card for you it just isn’t possible. What a crock of shit.

And finally, let’s talk about how they appreciate their customers. This example can be good for lots of different electronics that require a small wire or cable to work. You just got your fancy new TV, but discover doesn’t include that each HDMI cable. So you dash over a Best Buy. This cable which is available for $6-$12 in my stores, starts at $40 and go to several hundred at good old Best Buy. You need a USB cord, to make that new printer work for you. Again, Best Buy marks up that four dollar cord to $30 and beyond. This type of gouging for all sorts of items that Best Buy knows customers require in the moment. For lots of customers, they have actually no idea what these things should cost. Best Buy figures screw you for being ignorant. For customers who do know better Best Buy knows they got you, because they know you need the item now. Best Buy has a choice in how it conducts its business, how it treats and respects its customers, or the lack of. When a company attempt to take advantage of its customers, I say, we tell them otherwise.

Thousands of good hard-working people I’m sure work for Best Buy. And my hope is not to have them lose their jobs. I hope my lots of us talking with our wallets, that Best Buy does the right thing and changes its ways. That of course would be a win-win for everyone. If only that were the way

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