Why you should be using Windows 7 now.

Windows 7 completely changes the playing field for PC computers. For the first time Microsoft has accomplished a real milestone. For years we have been promised a reliable secure computing experience. And all of us from real world experience know that that does not exist. If you were to believe Apples marketing they claim to have achieved this years ago. Unfortunately, the truth is very different than marketing. Apple computers have had more than their share of disasters. Windows 7 brings together all of the pieces of the puzzle. It is reliable, it is easy to use, it is secure and it offers unprecedented compatibility.

 Reliability:  Microsoft has made a rock solid operating system. They accomplished this first with Vista and now to a greater extent with Windows 7. The reason Apple computers don’t crash as often is because they are a very closed system. Every Apple Computer is identical to every other Apple Computer. PC computers on the other hand have an infinite variety of systems and components that almost worked together. In previous versions of Microsoft operating systems companies that produced both hardware and software were allowed to make changes to the core components of the operating system. Windows 7 does not allow any changes to its core systems anymore. One of the biggest complaints with Vista was that lots of software and hardware didn’t work with it. Microsoft took a huge gamble by making a fundamental change. It completely changed how everything interacted. In doing so it locked down Windows and stop the blue screen of .

 Easy-to-use:  Windows 7 has added common sense features that make using it a pleasure. The start button opens up a search window that allows to find anything on your computer. To start typing, it will find documents, pictures, e-mails, programs. The larger task bar located on the bottom of your screen now or for the wealth of information. You can add any icon for any and all of your programs without having to litter your desktop with them. When you hover your mouse over any of them it shows you a large preview pane. If you have more than one instance of a window open such as lots of webpages it groups them together. It now easily allows you to configure your window sizes by just moving them to either side or to the top of your screen. It has this thing called libraries. What this means is you can keep track of all of your pictures without having to have them in a single folder yet they all show up in the library, very handy.

Security:  Microsoft has really done a fantastic job in this category. They include a very good set of features to keep your computer free from outside problems. Windows now includes for free Windows essentials. This is a very small yet very effective antivirus and Mal ware program. Microsoft also includes a very effective firewall. And believe it or not if you use Internet Explorer 8 you have the least chance of any infection. It is impossible to protect users from themselves. No software or computer program can’t accomplish that. You must use common sense when surfing the web, downloading or accessing your e-mail.

Compatibility:  This is a category that has no rivals. No other operating system comes remotely close. Windows 7 is the best gaming platform available, Windows 7 offers hundreds of thousands of compatible software packages. Windows 7 allows for the use of a vast array of hardware choices.

We have finally arrived at a place where the computer just works, and works in a way that’s easy to use.

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