Forget DVR’s, Tivo, AppleTV, Roku, Connect a Computer to your TV.


It is now possible for the first time to have on-demand TV and movies. The Internet has made this a reality, and best of all it’s free. The time has come to connect your computer to your TV. This is an extremely easy thing to do. If you have purchased a TV in the last five years or in some cases even older they have the ability to accept a computer input. There is so much content available on the Internet now, that it really is practical to cancel your cable or satellite service. With sites like Hulu, YouTube, and just about all the networks you can watch your shows when you want to.


Many companies are trying to sell an add-on box such as Apple TV or Roku to name a few. These devices when connected to your TV allow for a very small collection of Internet content provided by these companies. They charge you not only for the actual device but also for a rental fee for the TV shows and movies you watch. With your computer connected to your TV no rental charges no fees and you have access to the entire Internet as well. With the addition of a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse set you can now relax on the couch with keyboard in hand.


When TiVo first arrive people raved how it changed their lives. The simple ability to watch a show when it was convenient for them. Since then most if not all of the cable and satellite providers offer the ability to record shows. You have to go into a set up screen, find the shows you want, then tell the system to record them. Pretty easy for most people but still kind of a pain. All of this disappears when your computer is connected to your TV. You now have the ability to watch what you want when you want. No programming, no setup no wondering if the recording worked or if you have enough hard drive space. The programs and episodes and movies are always available. This eliminates the need to keep your own backups.


Very little computing power is required to do this magical feat. In just about the same space as your cable box you can now have a full blown computer. You don’t need complicated TV tuner add-ins with special infrared remotes to control your existing cable box. You don’t have to try and remember to record anything or if you have enough space. In addition to content from the Internet you can now also do anything you would normally do with your computer. Listen to all your music, look at all of your pictures, play computer games on a giant screen or anything else you normally do with the computer but on the comfort of your couch.

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