What’s the best way to defrag my computer?

I get lots of questions about hard drive defragging and wanted to put some sense to your concerns.  All of the questions regarding defragging all end up the exact same response from me.  Whether it’s how often to defrag, what’s the best time to do it, or is one program better that another.  To all these and any other question  you can think of the answer is NO, NEVER and NON.  Defragging is a total geek waste of time.  It does not reclaim hard drive space, it does not speed up your computer, it does not make applications load faster and shut down faster.  If after all this you still feel the need to do this so called maintenance, use the defrag that comes in all Windows flavors.  Under no circumstance should you pay for this kind of program.  There are lots of useful things to spend money on for your computer, defragging is on the bottom of the list.  Other total wastes include registry cleaners, computer optimizer programs, anything Norton, just to name a few.

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