Feel the Love with Windows 7

In my last post about Windows 7 I was not thrilled.  I found it buggy and difficult to install on just about anything I threw at it.  Well, those days appear to be gone.  I have been running version 7057 which is easily downloaded from any torrent site.  Microsoft has finally done it right again.  I remember the anticipation I had for XP, nearly ten years ago.  Finally, the convergance of a rock solid business OS combined with the usabiltiy of a consumer OS.  It dramatically changed everday computing.  For the first time you didn’t have to reboot your system several times a day because of low resources.  You could run you computer for weeks on end without ever having to shut down.  I believe it was the biggest step forward for mainstream computers users.  What XP was to Windows 98, Windows 7 is to Vista. 
I am typing this on a 2 year old Dell 640M.  It’s a Dual core with 2 gigs of ram.  Start up to the log in screen is less than 20 seconds, and once I imput my password I can have a browser window open in just 15 more seconds.  That is fantastic.  Vista on this machine takes nearly 90 seconds to boot and another 2 minutes before I can actually do anything.  Everyone is going to have to find something else to bash once Vista is history.  Windows 7 is only going to bring the love. 
I keep reading comments from the Microsoft and Vista haters that it’s still Vista.  As if to say Microsoft was able to make it smell better but a turd is still a turd no matter what the smell.  Vista is major improvement over XP in every way.  What it failed at was how Microsoft implimented those features.  Windows 7 has taken all the great improvements of Vista along with lots more and implimented them correctly this time.  What you end up with is the perfect marriage of security, compatibilty, eye candy and fantastic performace.  You are going to be blown away. 
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