The dangers of knowing a little bit about computers.

You’ve heard the term ignorance is bliss, well with computers that is especially true. Unfortunately a little bit of knowledge is a sure recipe for disaster. And what I mean by disaster is usually a dysfunctional computer. If you are among the vast majority of computer users who are capable of doing more than simply pushing the button to turn the computer on you could find yourself in serious trouble. If the words defrag, optimization, registry, virus, malware are words you think you understand

this blog is for you. Working with computers is very much like doing brain surgery, you really want to leave it to the professionals. You would never consider doing any kind of invasive operation, no matter how much Discovery TV you watched. But unfortunately for the vast majority of computer users this is just not the case. Thinking you know something about computers makes it okay to download and install a variety worthless scams, because you have no idea what these programs do. But you know enough to recognize some buzzwords and that’s all it takes.

I want to be extremely clear about this next statement. “There is no way to fix your computer with a software program.” If you are experiencing problems with your computer you need to contact a computer specialist. Whatever you think you’re going to save by doing it yourself never works out. But this blog has more to do with the computer that’s running fine. You find yourself with a little extra time on your hands and decide, I wonder if I can make this machine better, faster, safer. And in the blink of an eye your journey begins, leading you into the inevitable computer HELL. Once you have arrived here, your time is no longer your own. Things in the real world take just a few minutes, in computer hell now take hours and even days. And you are stuck in it, no going back.  I am sure for lots of people this ends up with a useless and worthless computer, destined to a dusty grave. When you finally acknowledge you’re in way over your head your only option is to spend money, and lots more than you ever expected to. You curse the computer and yourself for being so stupid. What in the world was I thinking? And of course, OH SHIT.

 I hope the next time you get the idea to do any work on your computer you will remember reading this article and choose not to do it. Saving yourself countless hours of frustration and of course wasting money.

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