How to stream your digital music to your stereo.

How we listen to music today has dramatically changed. For most of us it involves strapping on some headphones or earbuds and listening in our private little world. The other option is to take our music player and somehow try and figure a way to connect it to an external speaker system. There are literally thousands of music docks available for most any kind of a music player. These can cost from under $100 to several hundred. What you end up listening to is a rather cheap inexpensive poor quality listening experience.

How do we get all of that digital music from our computers to the one really good sound system. For lots of people today the best sound is available in their home theater setup. Usually it is nowhere near the computer with all of those music files. I for example, in addition to a home theater setup, have a dedicated two channel stereo setup. I have taken the time to rip most of my music collection to the computer. Listening to that music, on the computer, is a very limiting experience.

With lots of research and some experimentation, I have found a remarkable, inexpensive product from Logitech. The Logitech Wireless Music System for PC.  It cost under $30 and connects to any USB port on your computer. That transmitter sends a signal to a small receiver you plug directly into your stereo. It attaches with an included RCA jack to any available auxiliary jack. You set your receiver for that input. Now go back to the computer, and start up whichever media player you prefer. I am not a fan of iTunes, so I fire up Windows media player 11.  It now allows all of that great convenient digital music, to be heard in all its glory. If you haven’t listened to your music through your stereo in many years, you will be blown away. Earbuds in the gym, or on the train, or while you are casually walking down the street do not deliver the full listening experience. With this simple device you get the best of both worlds. You can set up long relaxing and enjoyable playlists, or just set the media player to randomly go through your music. I neglected to mention it also includes a remote, so you never have to get up from your Led Zeppelin, Santana listening fest.

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