What is the best way to deal with an infected computer?

For some reason there has been a very very large spike in computers being infected with various viruses . These include varieties from Facebook, pop ups, a malicious web site or false advertisement for a anti virus program . Each of these types of viruses can infect your computer even if you’re using the latest virus protection .  Once you have been infected it is extremely difficult to remove these nasty pests if not impossible . In my experiences with hundreds of infected machines it is very rare that a computer can be restored to its pre infected state . If you’re willing to invest an unlimited amount of time and resources which can far exceed the actual cost of your computer you can in fact remove most viruses . That option for most of us is not a reasonable one .  Because antivirus programs are so unreliable the best way to handle this kind of a disaster is to be prepared . Keeping an external hard drive available for complete hard drive backups is your best option . These drives are available in sizes from a 500GB to 1TB for around $100.  By keeping up to date back ups it is only a matter of minutes to fully restore your computer to its pristine state . The software included with the backup drive allows for automated backups assuring your backup will be reasonably up to date .

No anti virus or malware program can detect, stop or remove every virus . It is because of that I don’t like the false sense of security these can give . If you find yourself in a situation where a popup appears on your desktop with an alert to do something, you do not want to click anywhere on it . The first thing you will need to do is bring up your task manager by pressing control alt del. You will see the popup listed, manually choose to end.  By using this method it will not require any input from you . Many of these pop ups have a false red X that in fact if clicked will initiate the virus . In the event that you have been infected you want to immediately deal with the problem . Attempt to do a system restore within a very few seconds . The longer you wait , the less likely this procedure will work .  The  job of most viruses is to disable this option . So the quicker you can react the less likely the virus can deliver its payload . If that fails , do a full restore from the external hard drive .  


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