Windows 7 Beta version 7000

I was so excited with the release of this.  I have used the 1608 release for several months and it’s been just about perfect.  I expected this newer beta to be even better.  But that was not to be.  I have attempted to load this new beta on 3 different machines and as of yet can’t even get a stable install.  Each try results in the dreaded blue screen.  On a brand new HP laptop I was able to get it to the desktop with a clean install.  This is core 2 duo with 4 gigs of ram.   Where the 1608 beta loaded in mere seconds to a workable desktop, 7000 was back to the normal slow Vista startup.  As soon as I attempted to update some missing drivers the machine went blue.  It will boot and allow some browser time, it will not allow the full install of Spyware Doctor nor download from IE8 with blue screening.  This has been the same result on each attempt.  By the way each of the these machines works flawlessly with 1608.  For what it’s worth Vista with SP2 has been just great.  It does have a little slow boot time, but once up it is very responsive.  This last update seems to have further improved it’s transfer speeds especially doing large networked files.  I will continue to test on various hardware configurations hoping to find some good matches.


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