SATA or PATA (IDE) Hard Drive?

Your hard drive is dead or dying or you just want to add additional space. You have a choice now in 2 kinds of hard drives, SATA or IDE. The physical difference is the type of connection cable they use for power and data. The new SATA drives have a thin red cable with a small black connector on each end. The older style IDE drive has the wide gray cable for data and the white 4 prong power connector. The advantage with the SATA drive is space and airflow. Allowing more of both around you case, keeping it cooler. Most motherboards made in the past 3 years have included some of both connectors, check what yours has. If you have the smaller connecter I recommend using them. Now, as far as performance goes, it just doesn’t seem to matter. If you find a great deal on an IDE drive good ahead and use it.

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