Should I buy a Quad Core computer?

This new breed of computer chip is beginning to become a viable choice in Desktop computers.  Prices have come way down and average computers users are now considering them as an option.  If you can buy 4 cpu’s for the same price as 2 it must be a good idea.  WRONG!  Keeping a Quad Core running is much more expensive then other CPU’s.  These new chips run very very hot and do require a substantial increase in electricity.  Do you get any increase in actual speed or performance when you use them?  NO!  In order for your computer to realize a benefit from those 4 CPU’s it must be told what and how to use them.  Does Vista have use for 4 CPU’s?  NO!  The OS itself doesn’t know how to do anything with those extra minds.  Do programs running on your computer take advantage of the CPU’s?  NO!  In order for that to happen the program has to specially written to do that and none of them have been.  You Office 2007 or Quicken have no idea what Quad Core is.  Buying a Quad Core or any 4 CPU computer will only quicken your spending not your computer.

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