How to reset your router.

Does anyone remember where we wrote the password for the router?  Who set this thing up?  This is all to familiar a story.  You don’t need to panic.  In the event you need access to your router, most often because you lost the password key for your wireless access, it’s easy to fix.  All routers, no matter the brand have a reset button for just this kind of mess.  Look in the back for a small hole, you can usually use the tip of you pen to press in the button.  You will need to keep it held for a solid 30 seconds to allow the router to reset itself to it’s default settings.  Now that you have a factory fresh router you can log in with it’s default settings.  In all Linksys  routers you type in in the address bar.  In every other brand it will be the same except for the last 2 digits.  Most will be .1.0 or .0.1.  You will now be looking at a log in screen with user name and password.  Type in admin for both fields.  That’s it, you will not be able to set up your wireless Wep password again and be on your way.

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