What is Overclocking your computer?

The term overclocking is used to describe making your computer run at faster speed than it was intended for by the manufacture.  It is a way to get more performance out of an inexpensive processor.  With a few slight changes to your motherboard bios you could force it run faster.  Sounds pretty good?  Until you find out that it’s very easy to break the CPU.  Now instead of saving a few dollars you have wasted much more.  The only reason to ever do this is only because it can be done.  It has no practical purpose and to do it somewhat safely requires a very expensive cooling system.  So the whole point of trying to save a few dollars is lost.  A whole community has grown up around this endeavor.  It has become a contest to see who can push a processor to the greatest extreme.   You can now purchase a complete refrigerating system, factory made to go inside your case.  The logic of this has again nothing to do with saving money, just the fun factor of being able to do it.  Lots of fan sites can easily be found if this sounds like fun.


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